Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber Resort Hotel
2300 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815-2947

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Checked into room 1122 on May 22, 2014. Did a check for bed bugs as I always do upon arrival into any hotel. Things appeared okay. Went out for about half an hour and came back to the room. Noticed a bug crawling on one of the pillows. Picked it up with a Kleenex and inspected it. Compared it with pictures of bedbugs on the Internet. Definitely a bed bug! Think I must have stirred things up during my inspection!

Went down to the front desk and showed the bug to the hotel's front desk clerk w

ho CONFIRMED it was a bed bug. Rather than change rooms, we chose to change hotels.

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We stayed here in Luly of 2012: Four of us in 2 separate rooms on two different floors. We had NO experience of any kind of bugs at all. Would stay there again with NO hesitation!...No i dont work for the hotel. We live in upstate NY.

In the late evening of Jan 8, 2011, found a bed bug on top of the base board (a strip of carpet instead of wood) a few feet from the night stand. It was full with blood.

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