Hilton Waikiki Prince Kuhio
2500 Kuhio Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815

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3 night stay - 12 bites on calf.... 8th Floor.

Spent a week here on travel. Nice hotel. Day 1 to 3, no issues. Day 4 had 2 bites (thought it was mosquito bites). Day 5 – 20-25 bite marks. Got home and went to doc thinking it was a weird rash. Doc says Bed Bug bites…call the hotel and let them know.

I stayed at this hotel 30 november 2012 'til 4th of january 2013. on the morning of the 2nd I found small bites on my upper arms and when i woke on the 3rd both of my arms and a small part of my legs were full of large bed bug bites that caused me to go for medical help. The receptionist at the Hilton sent me to a doctor nearby who stated that it was bed bugs bites and suggested a room switch. I also got a shot of cortison in my hip, prescribed pills and a cream to put on. When i returned to the

hotel they took a report, photographed me and told med that they would do everything they could to help me. The next morning when we were checking out there was another manager working. He told me that they would not do anything to help me, all costs were to be paid by me and that they had searched the room but could not find bed bugs. They refused to give me copies of the photos they took of ME and also refused to show me a docuemt proving that the room had been searched. They told me that if I wanted that I would have to get a court order.

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I stayed at Hilton Waikiki Prince Kuhio from 4/8 until 4/10/2011.

On the morning I was getting ready to leave, I put the clothes I needed to pack on the bed so I could start folding them to put back in the suitcase.

As I started folding a T-shirt, I noticed a bedbug crawling across the shirt.

Smashed it and proceeded to empty out EVERYTHING in all of my bags and shake it all out on the balcony.

I didn't see any other bugs, fortunately, but was freaked out that I could be bringing ho

me a bug. I know how tough they are to get rid of and expensive too.

When I arrived home, I took all of the clothes out of my suitcase and put them into plastic bags in the garage and took them straight to the washing machine on Sanitary cycle.

I hope that got rid of them.

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During our honeymoon stay we found ourselves with itchy bumps on our feet, which we realized upon our return home were bedbug bites due to the fact that the bugs hitched a ride with us and became a problem at home. We had ABSOLUTELY NO such problems beforehand I should make that clear!

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