Hilton Grand Vacations Hawaii
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Honolulu, HI

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Lagoon tower. My son and I had multiple beg bug bites. Stayed at timeshare on 2/17//14. - 2/23/14...

My precious bed bug report is for HHV not Hilton Grand Vacation Club.

My stay was a year ago in the Rainbow tower. My thoughts are I would definitely return, but will be extremely cautious, and or read the boards prior to deciding.

I have been bit in 4 different hotels, in 4 different states. Once again, it is NOT about a sanitary hotel, it is about a bug!!

All the hotels I have stayed at were 4 star, and over 150.00 a night.

When I arrive home after traveling, I already have left a

pair of flip flops and robe.
(of course not everyone can do this)

Do NOT bring ANYTHING from your travels inside. I even emptied my purse outside, wait till you are able to check things out later.

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This report is really, really late, but I feel it is still necessary.

Last year, December 2009 my family and I stayed in the Rainbow Tower. I was bit by bed bugs but did not know until I came home and went to the doctor.

Our vacation was superb, no one else was bit, but I have many scars left on my arms.

Since this trip I have traveled to 4 other states. Unfortunately, I have been bit at all hotels. The hotels ranged of all classes.

Now that I have educated myself, I am MUCH more a

ware what to look for.

I wish ALL hotels would educate their employees, and know how to handle these issues. It is not about a hotel being dirty, it is about bugs that love our blood, and hotels who do not take the appropriate measures to control the bugs.

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I was in a party who required two rooms, we had made reservations for the Lagoon tower, and they said they had no rooms there, and wanted to put us in the Kalia tower....we said no to that, so one of the check in girls said should I put them in room 808 of the Grand Hawaiian, and the other girl looked back and said, yes, lets put them in 806 and 808. I woke up one night around 4am to use the restroom, and the bed I wasn't sleeping in, was filled with them. I did have clothing on that bed. I call

ed downstairs and no questions asked and no apology given, and I was given a different room. I really feel the check in people knew the room should not have been given out. I also feel an apology or discount should have come from management, and nothing did. I am not sure of the exact date I moved, we stayed in the hotel for 10 nights, I am thinking the date was April 27 or 28, 2010. I have been going to this hotel every year for over 25 years, and I think they could have offered me an apology at least. I will never again suggest this hotel to anyone. It is still extremely upsetting. This hotel has changed so much over the years, they do not care about their returning customers any more. I strongly suggest looking into finding another hotel.

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