Hawaiian Monarch Hotel
444 Niu St
Honolulu, HI

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I am a current resident of the Hawaiian Monarch in one of the apartments. I have lived in the unit for a couple of weeks now and I first noticed the bites about a week ago. The tenant above me has complained about them as well. Today is June 19, 2013.

Month of February 2013. Unit 1607. My wife was bitten all over. I only had two bites. She didn't know what it was at the time and went to walk - in doctor who prescribed anti - allergy medecine. We recognized bedbug from an internet article which showed an enlarged photo. Aside fron the bedbugs it was a fine room at a great price from Hawaiian Monarch Realtors.

Two weeks after I moved in to the building, sometimes around the second week of January 2011, I noticed red itchy bumps on my arms. My friends and coworkers told me that it could be bedbug bites, but when I talked to my realtor, he said the previous tenants never mentioned about it before. So, I thought maybe i'm allergic to my new detergent, I changed it to the non-allergic ones; however the red itchy bumps kept increasing. I went to see a doctor. The doctor couldn't tell me for sure of what's

going on with me. I had my realtor fogged the place, and the itchy bumps kind of stopped for a little bit. A few days later, however, it became worst. One morning I woke up and saw three bugs on my bed. One was dead already, and the other two were running away. I took pictures of them and e-mailed it to my realtor. My realtor had a pest control company to come in and take a look. My realtor said that they've discovered a few bedbugs and one dead one. According to my realtor the infestation is extremely low. I am currently healing from the bites. I'm not sure if the bugs are actually gone, but so far I'm not getting any new bites.

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