Hale Koa Hotel (Military Only)
2055 Kalia Rd
Honolulu, HI

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3/18/13: After staying one week in room #1247 at the Hale Koa, we discovered a single bed bug in one of the beds. Management was notified.

After arriving from a long plane ride, we arrived at our hotel. Before we went to bed, we checked for bed bugs and found numerous bed bugs behind the bed against the wall and floor. We picked some up, thinking they were dead, but they were actually ALIVE.

The staff moved us to another room that was cleaner, but after seeing bed bugs in the other room it made us suspicious & we decided to move to another hotel.

Know that if you stay here there ARE bed bugs in certain rooms.

So I would

think twice and very cautiously about where you stay.

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My husband and I vacationed in Hawaii (for two weeks in january 2011) and stayed at the Hale Koa (Military only) hotel in Waikiki. After the second night of my stay, I noticed three bug bites in a row on my right leg. I thought that was really strange but attributed it to "sand fleas" as we were on the beach the night before.

However, the very next morning, I noticed another three bites in a row on the same leg. I was both appauled and disguisted because my symptoms were consistant with

bed bug bites.

We notified the hotel staff that 'assured' us that they did not have a bed bug problem. Foolishly, we trusted them as agreed to stay in the room for another night. That night, my husband and I marked the bites to see if I would get any more by morning. Sure enough, I had more bites, tis time on both legs and arms. We demanded to be moved to the "newer" tower and they put us in a suite. That very night, I was awaked to two spots on my chest that were itching!!

We have obviously decided to NEVER stay at this hotel again. The staff was sympathetic, but they did not really believe us. I hope this post will help other military families in the future.

Semper Fi,

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