Castle Maile Sky Court
2058 Kuhio Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815-2144

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in June 2011, I got a room at sky court and lay down to rest on the bed , I had turned the covers down a bit as I wanted to use the pillow, after a couple hours of napping , I opened my eyes to see a bug crawling on the bedsheet in front of my face, I was shocked and then scooped up the bug into a plastic drinking glass and looked more closely at it , comparing it to pictures I had seen on the Internet and confirmed my suspicion that it was s bed bug. I collected my belongings which had been pl

aced on the desk and brushed myself off as best I could and went down to the desk with the bug, they sent some people up to look at the room and said that they could not find anymore and that it was unlikely that there were bed bugs in the room because they usually don't d
show up as just one bug. I showed them the bug that I took from the room and finally they refunded my money, it made me concerned that if I had not shown them the bug and been insistent -would I have still gotten my money back?

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Feb 6, 2011. Maile Sky Court hotel. I found a bed bug crawling up my shorts when I woke up on the morning of Feb 6, 2011. I quickly flushed it down the toilet. When I went to complain at the front desk downstairs, they sent someone up to look for the bed bugs. Strangely enough, they said they could not find any more bed bugs. I argued with them for about 30 mins. They refused to give us a refund for 1 or 2 days of the total cost of rental, but did change another room for us. On top of th

at, the fridge broke down and spoiled our food. Maile Sky Court is a pretty run downed hotel. I had to throw out almost everything we brought on the trip to Hawaii, even the suitcases as I didn't want to risk contaminating my place at home. What a way to ruin a beautiful vacation. Try to book a better cleaner hotel. Really not worth saving $20 a night only to have to throw everything out.

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