Aqua Continental
2426 Kuhio Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815

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I see that there are still bedbug reports from this hotel in 2009. I stayed there in Feb 2006 with a group of single travelers for 3 days prior to boarding a cruise ship. All 30+ of us were a little shocked when we arrived at this hotel and saw the rundown and unclean conditions. By day two in the hotel I had broken out in a terrible rash (face, neck, torso) with awful itching. By day 4 my roommate, same thing. In a few days the cruise ship's doctor misdiagnosed us with chicken pox, then shi

ngles, then scabies, for which we were given a toxic treatment. My roommate and I were ostracized on the cruise by fellow travelers because of this unsightly rash and the doctor's misdiagnosis; most people treated us as though we had leprosy. We were quarantined for a day on the cruise ship and our clothes and luggage were treated. When I got home and went to the dermatologist, he realized in 2 seconds it was an allergic reaction to bedbug bites. My roommate had Department of Health connections and she called Hawaii's. They sent staff to our room (this was now two weeks later) and found an infestation in our room; collected several bugs in a test tube. I had nightmares for weeks about things crawling on me once I knew what I had gone through. I was completely unaware in 2006 of a bedbug issue or I would have known when I saw blood tracings on the sheets and dark spots (feces, dead body parts) that these were evidence of bedbugs. Now I do not sleep in a hotel without checking the mattress, sheets, mattress pad, box spring, headboard, etc. Thank you for this registry - I will use it every time I travel and I hope everyone with bedbug problems will report them here.

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I stayed there during the last two weeks in October 2009. Started getting bites the second week. By my last night there, I was covered in red spots. I finally got on the web and found out the problem. The hotel promptly moved me and they've promised a refund of one week (we'll see). I threw out all my luggage and clothes. Didn't want it to infest my house. Haven't slept a good night's sleep since coming back. I keep imagining them crawling all over me.

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