Sea Palms Golf and Tennis Resort
5445 Frederica Rd
St Simons Island, GA

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We at Sea Palms take every complaint of any kind of bug very seriously but especially bedbugs. After moving the guest, trained managers thoroughly inspected her room and found it to be clean. This was communicated with the guest. None the less, we still had Peachtree Pest Control out to perform a certified inspection and they too found it completely clean of bedbugs. We have the certificate on hand should any one need verification.

From January 28, 2013 through February 3, 2013. Checked into the Sea Palms Golf and Tennis Resort, Room 329, Sandpiper building on January 28. Inspected mattress and box spring. Noticed black specks along seam of box spring. Immediately thought bedbugs! Stayed there anyway. Next morning woke up with a bite on my wrist. Sprayed mattress, box spring, floor, headboard, etc., with Hot Shot Bedbug and Flea killer. On February 3, I was laying on the bed reading a book. Got up, scratched my up

per arm because it itched and felt 2 small hard bumps. Looked in the mirror and saw 2 bedbug bites. Took bed apart and found an adult bedbug on the box spring. Placed bedbug in plastic cup, sprayed with Hot Shot to kill. Next morning, drove to registration building. Explained what happened to hotel staff, showed her the bedbug. She immediately offered to put me in another room. No other incidents after that.

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