Westin Savannah Harbor Resort
1 Resort Dr
Savannah, GA

Found 5 reports:

Stayed in room 719; thought I got mosquito bits but found out legs,back and arms covered. Very painful very disappointed !!!! Anonymous

Room 1534 -- woke up with itching and rash. Had the hotel change all the bedding, then over the next couple days, had multiple bite marks on legs. They need to have someone come and clean.

Went to lay down in the bed and saw a dead bedbug on the top of the sheet. Went in to look closer and in fact it was a bed bug. I got my things and got out of there as fast as I could.

ROOM 516, Beware, I got a few bites on my toes and feet even after checking for bed bugs. I'm not sure if some of them could be mosquito bites, but def. some of them Aren't. One of them is like a blister.

Check out 10/1/09. Room 1601 Westin Savannah Harbor. Multiple bites on legs, buttocks, shoulders and arms. (Areas where we were covered with clothing during the trip.)

When I realized what we had, I called the hotel next day and requested a manager. I was chastised by front desk clerk for not reporting sooner and not transferred to a manager. I am following up now.

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