Mansion on Forsyth Park
700 Drayton St
Savannah, GA

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We stayed at this hotel on August 25th thru the 28th. On 8/27/11 we woke up and noticed a bug running across the sheets. I immediately knew what it was.. We found two more bugs in the room. the hotel refunded us our money for the weekend and switched our room... this ruined the rest of my vacation. At $239 a night you would think they would inspect for these things

Late February we had a reservation at the Mansion on Forsyth Park and in our room we found one living bedbug, several dead ones and spots on the mattress and headboard. After calling the front desk, they sent up a housekeeper who confirmed they were bedbugs. We were moved to a different room where we stripped the bed with the housekeeper and found several more dead bugs. We put several in a cup & brought them down to the front desk manager, who told us they had never had an issue that he knew

of. They moved us to another hotel in town. We did receive a follow-up call that said they had brought in a professional exterminator who put out traps and could not find any bugs, and they agreed to comp our room for our trouble.

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Possible bedbugs from stay in April 2008

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