Comfort Suites Historic District
630 W Bay St
Savannah, GA

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My husband and I stopped in this hotel on Wednesday April 1, 2010 at 5:30 am(on our way to FL for our honeymoon). All appeared clean and the staff was extremely nice. We slept for a little bit and then went out to explore the beautiful city.

We viewed the city and decided to get a good night's rest before heading to our destination in FL the following morning. At 10:30 pm I flipped over my pillow to prepare for bed and saw a "tick". I woke my husband to kill it! He saw the bug and just stared

. He said "I've never seen a bed bug before but I think this is one". We got out of bed and flipped over his pillow....there were two more bugs. We looked up "bed bugs" on our Iphone and....the bug was a match.

I freaked out.

I put everything into our suitcases/we both inspected our bodies (I had about 8 bites and my husband had 2)/hopped into the shower/dressed in clothes (mine were new from earlier that day and his were sealed in his suitcase)/and called the front desk. I explained what happened and asked for giant trash bags to seal everything in. The front desk woman and the security guard were very nice. They offerred us a new room ( thanks) and helped me seal our suitcases and brought us a cart to take them to our car (we checked out asap). We were told that a manager was not in at this hour but would be informed in the morning and we would be contacted by him and be refunded. The manager contacted us the next day (April 2, 2010) as well as April 9, 2010 to let us know that our check was in the mail (full refund) and that the exterminator did find a "couple" bed bugs and that everything in the room and surrounding rooms were removed and put into a heat treated trailer as well as the rooms themselves being treated. The manager and staff were very nice to us. We were told that this has never happened before and that they were so sorry.

We arrived in FL and did not bring anything into our destination (a house). We left everything in the garage and put the clothes directly into the washing machine (hot water) and then in the dryer (hottest setting). This took 10 hours as I washed everything in the car regardless that the 2 suitcases that were exposed in the hotel were sealed. The luggage was thrown away and we purchased new luggage. We then took our car to a detail place and had it steam cleaned (240 degrees) for 1 hour.

We have now just gotten back to our house (April 12, 2010) and I am nervous that we have missed something. I will be having an exterminator come tomorrow as an added precaution

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