Days Inn Pine Mountain Near Callaway Gardens
368 S Main St
Pine Mountain, GA 31822-2353

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April '14, found one on pillow, a couple of dead ones in mattress cover and 10 or more climbing walls. I took 4 to night manager and he gave us another room in new wing. We didn't see any there.

I've contacted Days Inn but it's too soon to have gotten an answer.

We stayed here from 11/27 - 11/30, 2013. On the second day, I noticed what looked like a couple spider or ant bites on my shoulders and arms. We had been hiking the day before, so I just assumed I got them from being outdoors. The evening we returned home, I noticed I had more itchy bumps on my arms, as well as some on my chest, back, and stomach. Now, 3 days later, I have about 75-100 of them all over my upper body, torso, and legs. My husband is a physician, so I had him confirm that these are

almost certainly bed bug bites, not anything else.

Otherwise, the hotel was just fine for us. We are just freaking out a bit now that we brought some bugs home with us so are washing everything on hot and steaming our luggage. Just hoping we aren't to late to kill anything before we get an infestation ourselves!

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