Days Inn Pine Mountain
368 S Main Ave
Pine Mountain, GA 31822-2353

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April 2014

First was a bite on ankle; then bites on hip, ribs and thigh; eventually head to toe.

Picked 3 live bugs off my body one night after getting up in the dark.

Sheet was white and clean on check-in but as time progressed, had tiny blood/feces stains more and more and more by the end of the stay.

There was a sign outside a nearby room stating it was being treated for pests.

Called Days Inn customer service and was told the owner would get in touch; this did not happ

en. Called customer service again 6 days later, no answer after 5 minutes 17 seconds, hung up. Called customer service a third time 7 days from initial call, still no return call from Days Inn Pine Mountain hotel owner.

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