Motel 6 Lake Park
6972 Bellville Rd
Lake Park, GA 31636-4024

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we checked in on november 15, 2012. we found a couple of roaches which is typical for motel 6 and the oder of bug sprays however when we went to bed we noticed a little bug on the sheets we thout it was a dust spider unitl we started to itch then bigger bugs were crawling on the bed we jumped out of bed and called the front desk they changed our room but the damage is done we have bites all over our bodies. we were not offered a refund and we did get an apology but now we are suffering from

the bites. I looked for the "signs" of bed bugs when we got in the room but did not see anything until we laid in the bed there were blood spots all over bed where we were killing the ones we saw. it was like we layed in the middle of a nest. Do Not Stop there!!

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