Econo Lodge Forest Park
5060 Frontage Rd
Forest Park, GA 30297-2011

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I was awoken at 12:30 a.m. by a bedbug crawling across my face. Upon entering the room earlier that evening, I checked the mattress for signs of bedbugs, but there were none. After seeing the bedbug during the night, I checked the box springs and saw droppings and exoskeletons. It was reported to the front desk, but they seemed uninterested. The airport shuttle driver said that a woman from the same hotel had bedbug bites on her face earlier that morning. I was in room 226. Nothing about this st

ay was positive. The television was broken. The towels were dirty. There was no telephone in the room.

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Me and my family checked in to room 103 and saw the room was clean so we decided to stay. My daughter was sitting on the and kept complaining about something bitting her, I told her that she was probably hallucinating. I ignored her because my husband was sleep and I did not want to wake him A few minutes later she tells me that she was really being bitten and showed me. I pull the sheets back and what do I see?? BED BUGS!!Lots of them right on the outside of the mattress crawling. YES I said c

rawling, they were crawling around on the mattress. So i call the office and tell them what i see and the staff tells me we can move rooms. So we did but we would have left if it was not 12 a.m.. But what makes things worse was that we asked before we even checked in, the man who checked us in assured us that they did not have a bed bug problem. They were wrong and here I am on this very night writing this review.

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Checked into room 113. Was laying watching TV when I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye. I jumped up and looked at the bed to find 6 bed bugs scurrying for cover. Caught one live in a bottle and took angrily to front counter. Would have went somewhere else if not such a pain this time of night! Rooms on front side of hotel are renovated and much nicer. This is my last night here ever though and I'm recommending to Peach State Freightliner they send no more customers


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Nov. 17, 2010

Similar to Dr. Heid's report, my flight was delayed out of LGA due to weather, causing me to miss my connecting flight through ATL. Delta gave me the "discount slip" for this motel, so I trusted them and proceeded to the shuttle pick-up area, and arrived at the motel at about 9pm.

First room, #208: Everything seemed fine that evening, there was a large bug (unknown type) on the mirror/light fixture above the sink but I didn't think much of it, knowing that housekeeping probab

ly leaves the door open while servicing the room, I disposed of the bug. Laid in bed for at least 2 hours before falling asleep around midnight. Awoke at 2am to the feeling of something on me, when I opened my eyes not only was there a bed bug on my arm, but there were several on my pillow in front of my face. I jumped out of bed and turned on the lights, to discover even more bugs all over the other pillow and sheets. I took multiple pictures of the bugs, then checked the other bed, there were several on that one too. I went to the front desk and scrolled through all the bug pictures for the clerk, who apologized and gave me a new room.

Although this was the end of my bug encounters, I want to describe the rest of my visit for you all:

Second room, #212: Immediately checked the beds, they seemed clean. Put my stuff down, went to use the bathroom only to discover that the toilet was clogged and the bathroom was flooded. I took pictures and immediately went back to the front desk and presented them to the clerk again. He apologized, and gave me yet another room. I asked when the manager would be in, the clerk told me 8am.

Third room, #112: Walked in and immediately noticed trash on the floor, which I shrugged off at the time because it was 3am and trash was a lot better than bugs and flooded bathrooms. The room was much nicer than the 2 previous rooms, it was also a designated handicap room, which is probably why it was maintained better than the others. I immediately showered, I didn't want to contaminate this bed if there were any bugs still on me.

After only getting 2.5 hours of sleep, I awake, grab some breakfast, get ready, and proceed to the lobby just before 8am. A man walks in and goes behind the counter, I assume he is the manager, but he is not. He tells me he can help me out, and I am trying to hurry and catch the airport shuttle, so I go ahead and explain the situation to him and show him the pictures. Instead of offering any kind of refund, or discount for a future visit, or anything.. he just takes down my name, address, and phone number and tells me he'll be sure to tell the manager.

Especially since this is about two months following Dr. Heid's visit, why was there still an issue?? They should have immediately had a professional inspect EVERY room and fumigate/treat as necessary.

I would not trust this motel, and do not recommend it to anyone. They are obviously 'cutting corners' that should not be cut, and putting their customer's health at risk.

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On Tuesday night, Sept. 21, 2010 I overnighted in room 114, at the Econo Lodge near the Atlanta International Airport. Delta Airline personnel had given me a "Discount Slip" for the Motel, as I had missed the the connection for last flight that day, to Huntsville, Alabama due to the Delta flight from Seattle being detained over an hour at the gate before passengers could deplane.

Upon entering the room I hung all of my clothes and placed my suitcase on the the dresser. I had just read the NY

Times article regarding the "bed bug problem", the previous day or so. The room had two double beds. I lifted and examined under the mattress of the bed that I was going to sleep in. I immediately found an 'exoskeleton' of a bed bug. I placed the 'dead' bug in a Kleenex and went to the motel office. I waited until the lobby was empty before approaching the 'night' clerk and showing him the 'bug'. I advised him that he should report it to his management. He offered me another room, however I said that I had checked the rest of the bed and felt it was not necessary the change rooms particularly since he stated that there had not been any other 'bug' reports for the the motel.

I returned to the room. Around 1 AM, I finished showering and proceeded to go to bed. Again, I checked under the mattress, folded the bed cover back, checked under the pillows and sheets and found no indications of 'bugs'. However I was awakened at 3:15 AM, feeling something 'crawling' on me. I got up and found one bug 'engorged' with blood and two others crawling rapidly toward and under my pillow.

I smashed all three in a Kleenex and got up, dressed, gathered my suitcase and Laptop, and proceeded to the motel lobby. I again showed the clerk the 'dead bugs' and advised that the room should be quarantined and arrangements made to 'fumigate' and cleanse the room before renting it out again. He assured me that his management would be informed.

I remained in the lobby and caught the first motel 'shuttle' back to the air port and waited at the gate for the first flight to Huntsville on Wednesday the 22nd.

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