Econo Lodge
2007 Tampico Way
Dalton, GA 30720-2960

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Checked in 12/2/11. did my routine inspection & discovered bed bugs. went to front desk & got a refund.

Checked in to the Econo Lodge on Oct 31 2012. I was in room # 125. Woke up at 4 am to use the restroom and clicked on the lights on my way back to the bed. Found a bug on my sheet. put the bug in a cup. Got online and googled "pics of bed bugs." and to my horror it matched what was in my cup. Went to look for more. Every time I moved a pillow I found another one. saw some of them crawling on the headboard that was bolted to the wall. Found one on my shirt. Found a total of 10 bed bugs and all w

ere engorged with blood so I know they were feeding on me all night. Found bit marks on my stomach and neck. Loaded my car up and took the cup that contained the bugs to Cathy at the front desk. Asked for my money back because I could no longer go back to sleep with these things. Cathy informed me that she could not refund my $ without the managers permission. Told me the manager (Eric Hernendez) would be in around 9 am (it was only 5 am). Left the hotel and gave her the bugs to give to the manager but not before I took some pics of it as proof. Called back at 9:15 am to speak with Mr. Hernendez but got Cathy and she informed me that he would not be in that day. (It was Nov 1 2012.) Cathy called me back about 2 hours later to tell me that the Econo Lodge would be bug bombing the room and giving me my money back. I got my refund on Nov. 6th 2012. I am concerned that the "bug bomb" is not going to rid them of the bugs. Had to wash everything before bringing it into my house once I got home. Thing I could not wash I put in the freezer to kill any of the bugs. The car I had to spray bug spray in the trunk and inside of the car. My suitcase... I had to spray with bug spray and hope I killed anything that rode home with me but I am still not bringing it into the house. I have stayed at over 200 hotels and motels in my life time and this is the first time I've ran into bed bugs. I guess I've just been lucky until now.

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