Days Inn Atlanta Northwest
1701 Northside Dr Nw
Atlanta, GA 30318

Found 3 reports:

Stayed 7 nights and saw no evidence of bedbugs until the second day when I returned home and found bites on myself and blood spots on my sheets. After a couple of days, I found the bugs and have made extermination attempts. I haven't contacted the hotel, as it sounds like they won't do anything anyway.

Was in the room one hour and saw bedbug crawling on my pillow. We left the room which they said we would not get charged for. But they did charge us and the manager will not call us and corporate days inn has wiped their hand of this situation saying the local hotel manager needs to handle it.

Stayed one night. Got bit by the bugs but never saw one. Was uneducated and ended up bringing them home with me. :(

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