Holiday Inn Express St Augustine-I-95
2310 State Road 16
St Augustine, FL

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My husband and I checked in on Friday, September 5, 2014. We pulled the bedding back and did not see any bugs. It was on Sunday night when I pulled the sheets back, and I found one bug on my side of the bed. I put it into a baggie and took it to the front desk because I wasn't sure what it was due to its elongated shape. The hotel clerk looked up the bug on the computer and was not sure if it was a bed bug. She offered to help us move to another room and said she would show it to the General Man

ager in the morning. I said that we would stay in the same room and if I or my husband were getting bitten during the night, we would call her. I really thought the bug had just come from us being out and about during the day or from the hotel staff who made the bed. We were not bitten and so we went about our sightseeing on Monday. We returned around 4PM and left again 45 minutes later. No one from the hotel spoke with us regarding the incident. We had no messages in the room or on the answering machine at home. When we returned later that evening, we stopped at the front desk, and I asked the clerk if it had been discovered what type of bug I had found in room 317. She said that it was a bed bug and that the General Manager had personally moved all of our belongings to another room. Much to our surprise we had moved rooms. The General Manager called on the day of our departure, Tuesday, asking to speak with us before leaving. During that meeting he explained that he did not want us to have any chance of being bitten so he had personally transferred our belongings to the other room. He said the specialists had determined that actions needed to be taken since bed bugs were found. Once returning home on Tuesday, I sent an email asking for information regarding where the bugs were found so we could be vigilant not to bring them into our home. We left all of our belongings in the car. We heard from the general manager via phone on Wednesday morning, September 10th. He said he was told that there were 10-15 bed bugs discovered on the bed skirt of room 317 and that it and all of the surrounding rooms had been treated to eliminate the problem.

Throughout this fiasco the hotel staff was kind and tried to be understanding. The general manager tried to make sure we left satisfied with the outcome.

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I stand on January 19, 2013 in room number 409. The hotel was clean and seemed very new. The staff was friendly. When we awoke in the morning my wife found a bug on her leg. She stated that it was a bed bug but I had my doubts. However, she is a microbiologist and had to take parasitology so I should have doubted her. After googling bed bugs and look at the bug which we placed in a cup I knew she was right. I went to the front office and they refunded my money without me even asking. They als

o let us use a vacuum to try clean our luggage. They gave us large garbage bags that we placed all our belongings in and sealed them tight. We are now attempting to make sure that the bugs are not going to infest our home. I found about 5 more bugs shortly after we found the first one. They have offered a stay at a future date and told me the room and the rooms next to it were being treated. I hope this is the case. I will say the staff tried to make the experience as painless as possible. However, it is tedious and I hope our efforts will be successful.

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