Holiday Inn Express St Augustine-I-95
2310 State Road 16
St Augustine, FL

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I stand on January 19, 2013 in room number 409. The hotel was clean and seemed very new. The staff was friendly. When we awoke in the morning my wife found a bug on her leg. She stated that it was a bed bug but I had my doubts. However, she is a microbiologist and had to take parasitology so I should have doubted her. After googling bed bugs and look at the bug which we placed in a cup I knew she was right. I went to the front office and they refunded my money without me even asking. They als

o let us use a vacuum to try clean our luggage. They gave us large garbage bags that we placed all our belongings in and sealed them tight. We are now attempting to make sure that the bugs are not going to infest our home. I found about 5 more bugs shortly after we found the first one. They have offered a stay at a future date and told me the room and the rooms next to it were being treated. I hope this is the case. I will say the staff tried to make the experience as painless as possible. However, it is tedious and I hope our efforts will be successful.

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