Marriott Sawgrass
1000 Pga Tour Blvd
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082-3036

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I stayed at the Marriott Sawgrass on January 30 & 31st, 2013. It was after my first night in room 409 I was taking a break during the day and saw a small reddish bug crawling on the bed beside me. I thought nothing of it, but became more suspicious as I looked at it more closely.

As a precaution I pulled the bed back and discovered two others, but were larger in size that looked more like the traditional photos of bed bugs. There were also the other classic signs of shed skin casings and bla

ck dots on the sheets which I believe a fecal deposits. The second bed in the room also had the same signs although I was unable to catch the bug I found behind that bed.

I caught three bugs and placed them in an enclosed glass for management, however I regret not taking photos of them. I was offered a new room, which was clean, and was given change to do laundry immediately onsite. However, the manager stated bed bugs could not be identified by the human eye and clearly was not going to officially state they were bed bugs based on my claim alone.

It was toward the evening and into the second night that my bites started to appear, I had 14 bites in total all on one arm. I did take photos of the bites for records. I can't tell if I got bites from the second night in the clean room, so I'm going on the assumption that it was all from room 409.

I was there for a conference, and my colleague and other acquaintances said they had no issues. However, I would avoid the hotel just to be safe. It's too bad, because otherwise it seems like a clean and well managed property. I think I just had bad luck considering there are no other reports.

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