The Breakers Palm Beach
1 S County Rd
Palm Beach, FL

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My husband & I stayed at the breakers one night in Aug 2015 for a confrence and woke up with bites all over our faces, arms and fingers. I spoke to the manager and was told she will have it checked out and get back to me. We are both still suffering with huge blisters and welts. Using creams & benadryl.
It is embarrassing to go out of our house

Arrived home from the breakers hotel with 10 or 15 bites that turned into welts and then required medical attention to lance them and a course of antibiotics to prevent further infection. Horrifying!

I woke up with bites on my arms. I didn't think anything of it since the pool staff had told me about mosquitos and sand mites. Then that evening I woke up in the middle of the night thirsty and when I got up to get a drink of water and turned on the light I saw that there was a bed bug next to my arm and tiny spots of blood on the sheet (probably mine). I felt sick to my stomach, but I placed the bug inside a plastic bottle. I immediately called and asked for a manager but they said there w

as not manager on duty at the time. The next morning I asked the front desk manager Ron, to speak to the hotel manager and was connected to a Kirck Bel who said he was the hotel manager. Even after I showed Mr. Bel the bug in the bottle, he denied that the hotel had any bed bugs problem and refused to compensate me in any way. Refusing was one thing, but he was also so curt and disrespectful it made the situation worse. He did state that he would let the President Paul Lone, know about the situation, but I doubt that actually happened. I left the hotel 3 days early as a result. I later sent a letter to the General Manager, Trisha Taylor and still nothing. For a luxury hotel I expected so much more, and the hotel manager Kirck was the worst ever. After spending thousands of dollars on a stay I certainly expected much more. I was planning to bring a group of 1000+ rooms but they can forget about it.

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