Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
8001 International Dr, Orlando, Fl, 32819-9312
Orlando, FL 32819

Found 5 reports:

We were sleeping, husband woke up to a bug crawling near him and our infant son. We pulled the pillow back and saw the bed bug crawling. We immediately left.

Disgusting hotel. Bad service and bite marks! Never stay here!

My wife just stayed two nights here. She now has bite marks all over her. Luggage is outside our house now, afraid to bring it in. Two other people she knew who stayed there at the same time also had problems and even somebody she met on the plane out of Orlando said she had stayed there and said when she pulled back the sheets she saw 'hundreds' of bed bugs.

stayed mon mar 12 for one night in building 5 and woke up with three sizable bites. mgmt was very professional about it and comped me but still a bad experience.

Had a large group of people stay at this hotel over the past few days and the majority of rooms had bedbugs. THey tried to move us, but the additional rooms had them as well