World Quest Resort
8849 Worldquest Blvd
Orlando, FL 32821-4117

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I was in Bldg 1, Room 107 3/10/2013 to 3/13/2013. After being bitten on hands, neck, face and back, I complained to the front desk and actually took two specimens in a paper towel to prove it. The front desk did not apologize and did not feel it was a big deal. They did reduce a token amount on my stay. The only option they gave was to move to another unit, but if one is infested most likely all are infected. I was taken aback by their lack of concern and lackadaisical attitude.

Needless to

say, I will never stay there again!

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Stayed on february 10th and11th. We were in building 2 room 505. My daughter woke up on the first night at 2am with bugs in her bed. We were in a three bedroom and she was in the room with the twins. We were moved to another room in another building in the middle of the night! They did comp theft night of our stay after I said something, however after being home lost a week is when the bites showed up on my daughter. Her arms, legs, face, neck. They itch! I have spent money going to the doctors

and on over the counter medicine so far. Threw out all luggage and washed everything in hot, hot water when we got home! What an expensive this trip has cost!

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Certified K-9 Inspections

Hotel Needs to be swept for Bed Bugs using a Certified K-9 Team.
Call 877-597-9337....877-K9-SWEEP.

My family had a 2 bedroom villa on the first floor of one of the buildings from Jan 6th, 2011 to Jan 9th 2011. I was sleeping with my sister in the twin bed room. By bed was by the window. After the first night there i woke up to what looked like a little red bug beside me. I didnt think much of it besides eww gross a bug. Later that afternoon while hanging out in the bedroom a big blackish bug that was clearly identifiable as a bed bug came strolling across my bed! I immediately freaked o

ut and called my dad to my room, who is a doctor, he squished the bug and blood came out and he confirmed it was a bed bug. I call the front desk and asked to be immediately moved to one of their other buildings. They first offered to just have house keeping come over. I asked what that would do. They either clearly didnt know what bed bugs were or didnt think it was a big deal. We within 30 minutes had moved into another building. I thought we had averted the situation but it turns out i didnt escape. My bites took a couple days to appear and I had over 100 bites on my face, neck and hands. My sister had a few but it was obvious that my bed was infested. The hotel never tried to comp me nor apologied for this. I lodged a compliant that was never answered. After returning to my home town i immediately threw away my luggage and almost everything else taken on the trip. Luckily months later none has appeared in my apt.

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