Sheraton Vistana Resort
8800 Vistana Centre Dr
Orlando, FL

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We stayed here in May 2011. We had a 2 bedroom condo unit. It was a renovated unit. I am very aware of the bedbug epidemic - so as soon as we got there I checked the entire unit for bedbugs. There were NO BEDBUGS here.

We stayed at WDW All Star Movie Resort back in May 2009 - and there were bedbugs all over there - so since then I have been very alert.

The best thing to do is to pack all your luggage in gallon size ziploc back and the pack them in your suitcase. DO NOT bring your suit

case in your room until AFTER you have investigated the unit. And I still would not unpack my clothes into their dressers. I now keep everything locked up in my suitcase and it zipped up the whole trip. It may be a pain - but not as big a pain (or nearly as expensive) as dealing with the little hitchhikers when you get home.

Also be aware in the dark movies experiences at WDW.

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