Sheraton Vistana Resort
8800 Vistana Centre Dr
Orlando, FL

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We stayed here last spring break (end of March 2015). I always check the beds for bugs upon check in to any hotel. Well, I found tiny crawling bugs and what looked like feces/debris in the master bed, so I called the front desk and they immediately had us return to the lobby. They relocated us and had security meet with us to write up a report. The next day I received a call from the head of security who asked me "at any time did your luggage enter that room?" and when I assured that it did

not, and that we had taken all measures and hot washed our current clothes etc, he said, "well I have good news. We had the city's top exterminator visit the suite and check all of the beds, including the master, and there was absolutely no evidence of bed bugs."

I'd felt relief at the time, but upon reflection I wondered why the first thing he'd asked was if our luggage had ever entered the room if it didnt have any bed bugs?? And after reading the other findings, I'm certain we did indeed have bed bugs in that room.

Always check the mattress, headboard, anywhere near the bed when you stay at a hotel. You never know what you might find.

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We are staying at the Sheraton Vistana resort/buena vista and discovered bed bugs in the guest room after a night of sleeping. I had checked the master bedroom but failed to check the guest bedroom. My daughter was bit and killed s few bugs herself. I also collected a live big and turned it into management. The confirmed it was bedbugs. Our belongings were heat treated and they moved us to another tower. They offered us a voucher for a future stay, but did not comp anything for this visit.

We stayed here in May 2011. We had a 2 bedroom condo unit. It was a renovated unit. I am very aware of the bedbug epidemic - so as soon as we got there I checked the entire unit for bedbugs. There were NO BEDBUGS here.

We stayed at WDW All Star Movie Resort back in May 2009 - and there were bedbugs all over there - so since then I have been very alert.

The best thing to do is to pack all your luggage in gallon size ziploc back and the pack them in your suitcase. DO NOT bring your suit

case in your room until AFTER you have investigated the unit. And I still would not unpack my clothes into their dressers. I now keep everything locked up in my suitcase and it zipped up the whole trip. It may be a pain - but not as big a pain (or nearly as expensive) as dealing with the little hitchhikers when you get home.

Also be aware in the dark movies experiences at WDW.

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