Sheraton Studio City Hotel
5905 International Dr
Orlando, FL

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First, I ALWAYS do an EXTREMELY thorough check of every hotel room I ever stay in, BEFORE I bring in my bags. I always bring a bright flashlight and magnifying glasses as well.

On 6/4/2013 we checked into this Four Points Sheraton, a Starwood hotel, on International Drive near Universal Studios, and went to room #1206. I then did my normal inspection routine:

I COMPLETELY stripped the beds and inspected the linens, stood the mattress up and leaned it on a wall and inspected it (no signs, g

ood start, I was happy). I removed the box spring bed-skirt and inspected the it and the box spring on it's stand. I first noticed some small black spots that looked like old mildew spots which had been cleaned up; this was my first sign of concern (these spots are often caused by bed bug fecal matter). Most people would've never gotten to this point because they don't check so thoroughly.

I then stood the box spring up and leaned it over the dresser to inspect the bottom and inside wood framing & springs, and there he was, a full-size reddish adult bed bug. He was stuck in the fibers of the inside underside of box spring and was only visible after I flipped the box spring up on its end.

Normally, I would've continued my search into other areas of the room, removing the headboards and checking behind and in them, removing the dresser drawers, etc, however, upon finding the one bug, I obviously wasn't staying in that room. I took a pic of the bug that I found to show the manager when I went back to the desk, but I did NOT get close enough to make him move, so I don't know if the bug I found was alive or dead.

I let the desk clerk know that we found a bed bug in the room and that I left the room in a dismantled state (with the mattress and box spring leaning on the dresser). I asked for another room (preferably a couple floors away). The desk clerk was apologetic and gave us another room on the 20th floor.

I then did my normal complete inspection of the new room, #2009, and did not find any signs of bed bugs. Although I was not happy to find bed bugs in the first room, the clerk did as I asked and gave us a different room on a different floor without any argument or discussion. We still stayed at the hotel in the new room and did not have any problems that we are aware of.

I do not know what they did to resolve the problem in room #1206.

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