Marriott Grande Vista
5925 Avenida Vista
Orlando, FL 32830

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Certified K-9 Inspections

Hotel Needs to be swept for Bed Bugs using a Certified K-9 Team.
Call 877-597-9337....877-K9-SWEEP.

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Report submitted 11/5/2010
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2010-11-05 09:01:11
Marriott's Grande Vista
Orlando, FL
I have a bed bug report for the Marriott Grande Vista Resort. The resort is beautiful. We stayed there on Aug.23rd to Aug.30th. the room was really nice and we went to sleep with no problem. The next morning we had bites all over us. My fiance was bitten over 300 times. he counted mine and I

had over 100 bites. That evening we could stand it no longer and went to the manager. We were very discrete as to not call attention to this problem and she said that they would move us and we were to put all of our cloths in the trunk of our rental car. They moved us around midnight and Loss Prevention took a report at 2am. They told us that an outside source would come and inspect the room and let us know the outcome. The next day around 1pm they called us and said there were no bugs. They also told us if we needed medical help it would be at our cost. We went for medical help and since we do not have the same insurance we had to go to two different urgent centers. Funny thing was two different doctors gave the same prognosis..Bed Bugs! We also were prescibed the same meds! We itched so bad. They offered to clean our clothes 3 days later but we declined because they said our belongings would come to us to late for our flight. Funny too..We still had the keys to our old room and we opened the door days later and it was just how we left it, even the tv was still on. Now a maid came to our second room every day but no one cleaned our old room the whole time. If it had no bugs then why didn't they clean the room? We asked their insurance company Liberty Mutual to at least pay our medical and they said no. I have never been treated so bad in my life and I want everyone to know how a large organization like Marriott treats their customers. Hope this helps. maybe the Marriott does not know that we were treated so bad by their staff but if they do, "Shame on You".

Marriott Vista Grande Villas
5925 Avenida Vis
Orlando, FL

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tim on 11/21/2010

Daughter slept on sofa bed in living room and got chewed up. Thought it was being out that night. Now have bugs at home

Stay: 7/30/11
Son slept on sofa bed in living room, complained of 4 bites on legs the first night. After 3 nights he now has a dozen and a half bites. 5th floor bldg. 97 or 98 1br next to the elevator lobby. They were small little bumps which itched badly, becoming red and about 1/4" to 1/3" in size, scabbing over from itching.

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