Legacy Grand Resort
7400 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819-8234

Found 3 reports:

Stayed at coco key resort July 2012 and itched all night in the bed. 3 weeks later bed bugs infested on the couch next to where my washer was where I put my clothes. Know it came from that place.Getting rid of them was a nightmare. I had to move everything out of my house except the funiture.Wash all cloth items and cost a arm and a leg to get rid of. Extermiation was 500.00 and the pre treatment was expensive as well. I would avoid staying there at all costs

Stood at coco key hotel and water resort this year June 26 2012 to July 2nd 2012 came back home with rash all over my face went to the doctor and it was from bed bugs!

Checked in to two rooms at CoCo Key Hotel & Water Park in Orlando, FL on 1/15 on the thrird night we turned on a light late at night and saw something scurry across the pillow. Caught two bed bugs in the bed my son was sleeping in. The hotel manager did not respond to multiple calls to the FRONTDESK and it wasn't until our checkout the next day that we spoke. we were told we would be called the next day- it didn't happen. No apology from the hotel and now we have to worry about bring the bugs in

to our house.

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