Imperial Swan Hotel and Suites
7050 S Kirkman Rd
Orlando, FL 32819-8231

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FYI - This place is now called Rodeway Inn. Now, I'm not one to ever write reviews, but I had a horrible experience here! I woke up with two bugs on me which I initially thought were baby roaches and later found out they were adult bed bugs!! I have red bumps all over my body and now have an infestation in my home!! So gross that I'm actually admitting this, but I just want people to know it's worth spending the extra 20- 40 bucks to upgrade to somewhere cleaner!!! DO NOT BOOK WITH RODEWAY INN -

that place is a dump!

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I was there from January 14-17, 2011. After I returned I realized I had bed bugs in my apartment. They only appeared after I returned from my trip. I also only started getting bitten after I returned.