Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort Lake Buena Vista
13351 Sr-535
Orlando, FL 32821-6228

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Stayed on 5/26/13-5/28/13 room 272, NO BEDBUGS!

I went on a trip to Disney World with some friends and we stayed in Room 291 during the second week in July. The first two nights I ended up with only a couple of bites and I knew there were a lot of mosquitos in FL so I thought that's what it was. However, as the trip went on I got more irregular bites in clumps. Then I saw one of the bugs on the bed and got very concerned that it wasn't mosquitos afterall. The last two days I ended up with two different sets of bites mostly on my armes in

very straight lines. That's when i was convinced it was bed bugs for sure. I even had bites on my hands and my eyelids. I ended up with about 61 bites that I could count. Some people are more allergic to their bites than others so they might not bother some people as much but my roomates didn't get bit as far as they know. I had the people picking me up from the airport bring black plastic garbage bags and a change of clothes so I could change before getting in the car and isolate my luggage. And then left the black bags in the Texas summer sun for a week. I've been home for thee weeks now and haven't been bitten any more so I'm sure it worked and I didn't bring any home because otherwise I would have been bitten many more times by now. I did tell the hotel and they said they'd look into it but it's hundreds of thousands of dollars to eliminate them so I'm not too hopeful.

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