Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
5605 Major Blvd
Orlando, FL 32819-7960

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Checked into Hotel Tuesday 11 June 2013. Went up to the room, set the bags on the floor. Pulled out my iPad and checked Facebook, etc. Put my iPad on the night stand and went to dinner. Came back from dinner and found a bedbug on my iPad. Just killed it and didn't think anything about it. Went to the restroom and saw a similar bug walking across the floor. I captured it in a cup, checked out what Bedbugs look like on the internet. This was definitely a bedbug. Called the front desk. The

y came up right away. Verified it was a bed bug. Within a couple of minutes, they showed up with a cart, new keys and a very sincere apology. The new room did not have bedbugs. Very satisfied with how they handled the situation.

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