Disney's Port Orleans Resort Riverside
1251 Riverside Dr
Orlando, FL 32830

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My family and I stayed at Port Orleans Riverside November 9-16 2014. We were in building 28 for 3 days. I found a live bed bug in my bed. Resort gave me money to purchase new clothing, cleaned our luggage and all our clothing. Refunded us the 3 nights we stayed in that room. We were moved to building 15 for the remainder of our trip. The resort assured me the new room had been inspected by a bed bug dog. I had to take my daughter to the doctor today to confirm she is covered in bed bug bi

tes. Disney is investigating/searching our new room in building 15 to ensure it was bed bug free. What a nightmare. All my luggage is in the garage and my car is parked until I get the all clear.

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Arrived Mar 28, 2014 and left April 2, 2014. Room seemed fine but I could have checked for bed bugs better than what i did. Started scratching a few bites 5 days into the trip and thought it was mosquito bites during Fantasmic. Went home Wed then by Sat morning counted over 65 bed bug bites. Stayed in building 35. Called Disney immediately to alert them and spare the next guests the agony. Had to email guest relations and they will get back to me within 9 days. Now we lay awake every nite wonder

ing if just one egg made it home because it just takes one. Very disappointed!

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Arrived November 2 2013 and checked the room. Found a large amount of white powder on the floor by the sink but beds checked out ok. Just before leaving the room to head to the park, a small bug ran across the trundle bed. I called the front desk and asked them to check the room. When we got back to the park around 1030 pm we asked if they found anything and they never checked the room. A manager came to the room to check with me and moved me to another room after I stated I felt uncomforta

ble staying there. I was moved to the 36 building and checked the room. I found a dead bed bug behind one bed and numerous shells stuck on the wall behind the other bed. Asked to move back to original room (building 38) and was about to put my children to bed again when my husband said to look one last time. Checked the headboard and sure enough there was a live bed bug in the crack by the spindle! Pest control was called and they came at 1245 am and the room was confirmed to be positive for bed bugs. Finally got moved to a different resort at 330am. Our clothing and suitcases had to be taken for treatment. A nightmare! Be sure to really check behind all the beds and headboards!

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Stayed at Riverside Parterre Place (room 9917) from April 20th-28th 2013. After a few days staying there wife and son were itching a lot and had lil bites. Thought they were from flies or mosquitoes, but then my daughter and I started having some too. Room has bed bugs!!! Feel bad for the people staying in that room now. Just hope we didn't bring any back home with us!

Just got back from a 5 night stay in Alligator Bayou room 1642. Checked the bedding when we arrived, as I do in any hotel. No evidence of buggies and no bites 6 nights being home.

We stayed in Magnolia Manor building 85. We were there 12/18/12-12/23/12...no buggies. I checked under the sheets and behind the mattresses and headboards. We've been home for a week with no issues! Our room was very clean.

Stay at Disney Port Orleans from 12/17 to 12/24 2012 and we paid extra for an upgraded themed room. Hotel overall was well run and nice and theme room was worth the reaction we got from our son on his first trip to disney. However we are now back home and throughout our stay would wake up in the morning with a few bites on each of us worst one showed up on our sons cheeks. Bed Bugs are definitly the cause, just hoping we did not bring them home with us.

Arrived Sept. 21/2012 in Port Orleans Riverside Building 14 (room 1435) did not notice anything while there, although we were not actively looking for bed bugs. Left Sept 28/2012 and it is now 10 days since arrival home and my hubby is covered in bites which we believe are bed bugs brought back from Florida.

We just returned yesterday, 9/12/2012 and I am happy to report no findings of any bed bugs!!

In Oak Manor bldg. All clear after an initial room check.

Stayed at Acadian House last week of March 2012 - no bedbugs!!! Room was clean and free of any kind of creepy crawlies!

Stayed in Acadian House Feb 2012...room 8023...no bugs! Searched and found nothing.

Stayed in Acadian House...room 8023...no bugs! Searched and found nothing.

Stayed in Acadian House from 9/2/11-9/11/11 with no issues. We looked high and low but there were no bugs to be found. Thank goodness

Port Orleans Riverside Building 24 was ALL CLEAR of beddie buggies from 9/2-9/9/11 during our stay.

My family and I stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside resort from May 29th-June 6th. No bedbugs!!Upon arrival I did a check of the room (as I always do)and found no problems. We have been staying on the Disney property for the past 6 years and have never had an issue. It's a good idea to check the bed,headboard area,the sheets and blankets just to make sure, my suggestion is that you should do this at any hotel you stay at not just Disney hotels.We had a wonderful vacation and will be sure to sta

y on property again.

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