Days Inn Orlando/International Drive
5858 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819

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Feb. 11th - 20th, 2013. My son and I came from British Columbia to celebrate his 5th birthday at Disneyworld. We stayed at the Days Inn on 5858 International. Room #422. We kept to ourselves right until the 2nd last day of our vacation: the maids removed our do not disturb signs and went in. I came back and noticed they had done the beds and tidied. That's when everything went wrong. The next morning my son was covered in bites that I thought was an allergic reaction. I gave him some Benadryll a

nd went on with my day. The next morning it was 10x worse but we were leaving so we caught the shuttle and zoomed off to the Orlando airport. From there we ended up in the children's hospital, where we were diagnosed as having bed bug bites. My poor 5 year old had over 200. We had to throw everything in the garbage.

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This past I went to a mini vacation to Florida with my family. However we arrive a day earlier than expect so we had to stay on days inn at the international drive by midnight I woke up because my back was itchy I had three bites on my back I started to checked the mattress and I found one bed bug I killed it and woke up my family that was the worst night ever I couldn't sleep that night.

One of the rooms was infested. Our friend was bitten over 250 times on Dec 1st, 2011. Severe blisters!! The big blisters are from adult bed bugs so they had to have known aput this problem!!!!