Baymont Inn & Suites Universal
5625 Major Blvd, Fl 32819
Orlando, FL 32819-7960

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We checked into this hotel on 5/16/12 to visit Universal/Islands and Sea World. Things looked clean and decent enough. The fridge didn't work, but the staff promptly swapped it out with a working one. No big deal there.

Then the morning of 5/19/12 I noticed something crawling across my chest. I squished it, and it felt very wet. When I looked, there was a huge blood splotch across my fingers.

When my girlfriend told the front desk, they didn't seem to believe her, and said that th

ere were no other rooms available. We sealed our belongings in trash bags and checked out, even though we'd already paid for another night and cut our vacation short.

I sure hope I didn't bring any home with me, and that if any did get in my things, the washing and decontamination gets them.

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My boyfriend and I wanted to stay one night at an affordable hotel, so that we would wake up fresh to tour UCF. I glanced over the room looking for any issues. But after seeing that there were none, we started settling in for the night at around 12:30/ 1 am. In the corner of my eye I noticed something moving on the pillow of the other bed and that's when I saw the bed bug. My boyfriend questioned me, but when I brought up photos on my iPhone and it confirmed confirmed it for him. I brought the b

ug on the pillow to the front desk and we left within an hour an a half of checking in. I was so creeped out for the rest of the night even though we went to spend it at another hotel that I THOROUGHLY checked.

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