Hampton Inn

Mt Dora, FL

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Stayed two nights (Dec 3rd & 4th 2013) at the Hampton Inn in Mt Dora. After first night, found a series of bites on my buttocks. I didn't think too much about it; they were very small at first, but a couple of days later(after I had returned home)they turned into large red painful whelps that itched. The linens appeared clean, so it never dawned on me to check for bedbugs. The arm chair may have been the culprit, it was very grungy dirty looking and I sat in it late the first night working on my

iPad... From all my research on bedbug bites, I am certain that these bites are from bedbugs. I will be extremely upset if any of these bloodsuckers hitched a ride home with me!

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Stayed 2 nights at this location in late March, 2011. Awoke the first morning with a modest bite on the back of my neck but did not realize I had been hit by bedbug(s). Awoke about 3AM the second night with some bites and itching and started looking around, clearly aware by then that something was wrong with this room, 322. I found one full size bed bug on the side table, put him in a plastic cup and took him down to the night manager, told him this motel had a big problem and to give this speci

man to the day manager/housekeeper/owner when they arrived later. The general staff reaction was reserved to noncommittal, probably a response developed by corporate attorneys. Have stayed at this located before and all was well. We even checked the room upon entering but found no evidence of bedbugs, a condition I expected given the competent Hampton housekeeping staff. I am still suffering from the mutltiple bites 2 weeks later.

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