Wyndham Miami Airport
3900 Nw 21st St
Miami, FL

Found 3 reports:

I found a bedbug lodged in my Vagina.

Im a flight attendant and three years ago I stayed at the wyndham Miami on the fourth floor . When I awoke at three in the morning I saw a bed bug on my pillow ,I jumped out of bed and pulled open the covers ,there on my bed sheets were several bed bugs. I was bitten on my torso , face , neck and head. I had several ithcy welts. which took two weeks to resolve plus visits to my doctor. I placed an injury on duty with my carrier.

Room 419, far bed closest to the window. July 12-13th 2010.

I slept in the farthest bed from the door, closest to the window. I noticed I had one bite on my leg that was itching when I got home. Right before I showered I noticed 5 bites total. 2 on the ankle and 2 on my thigh, and one located on the my back. The bites on my thigh swelled up and I had two large red marks on my legs from the bites. I was the only one that slept in that bed and my other friends did not have any bug bites.

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