Red Roof Inns
3401 N Le Jeune Rd
Miami, FL 33142

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I stayed at this hotel overnight after arriving from a cruise with my sister. We were feeling refreshed and happy. I woke up the next morning with bug bites all over both my arms and my sister had bug bites all over her back. We reported it to the front desk and the clerk said that we were allergic to something (yeah, bedbugs)but I hadn't eaten anything that I don't normally eat and neither did my sister. The clerk got up set with me for reporting this. I am so upset for being infected by these

bug bites. As instructed by bedbug reports, I left my luggage with all the clothes in them outside in the hot sun in the hopes that the sun will kill all the bugs. This just happened this morning so I'm not sure if the bugs are dead yet.

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