Holiday Inn Miami-International Airport Hotel
1111 S Royal Poinciana Blvd
Miami Springs, FL 33166-7318

Found 6 reports:

I am an airline crew for US Airways. I was in the second tower room 822 on Dec. 07, 2013.
I was bit numerous times by bed bugs or fleas, or another type of bug. The bite marks resemble bedbug bites, which where on my arms neck and back.
I notified the front desk manager. I don't know if I will hear back from them.

Nov. 06, 2013 BED BUG!! I woke bitten very badly.

Most of the rooms are dirty and have a big infestation of bedbugs (almost 1 year). Take care because the brazilian manager said that it is not their fault. Big infestation is on second tower.

I work for TAM Brazilian Airlines, unfortunately they provide lodging for the crew members in this infested hotel while we are in Miami.
We have been complaining about this place in a regular basis. Nobody seems to care about it. Our crew members have been literally "eaten" by this bugs during the last year or so.
If you have a chance, stay away from there!
If you want any report, just go there an ask for any TAM Airlines crew member.

They bite my body .I stayed at this hotel 3 time a month, on july and august.

Bedbugs all hotel!!!

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