Airways Airport Inn and Suites
5001 Nw 36th St
Miami Springs, FL 33166-6003

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This hotel is now called Ramada Miami Springs. We stayed there Jan. 1, 2016 in room 252. We travel frequently and have had bedbug experience and know what to look for and the tremendous effort it takes to eradicate them. I was suspicious when I noticed taht both king mattresses were in encasements, the beds and furniture were on metal legs. There was not obvious evidence of active infestation so I just figured they were taking precautions or the room had previously been infested but problem was

resolved. However questionable tiny bloodstains on the mattress, possible eggs on the carpet.
Should have gone with my concerns...the following morning, after sleeping in the beds, my husband and sons were bitten in multiple sites throughout their bodies (became more apparent throughout the day). I apparently am a lucky non-responder. I later informed the front desk of the problem.

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This Hotel is now RAMADA Miami Springs. I stayed here one night, flew back home the same morning. The next day I realized I had about 30 bites all over my back. Bed bug bites often take a few days or even a week to become apparent. Having dealt with an elder family member's bed bugs apartment cleaning years ago I know what to look for and how to deal with early signs of these bugs. I did a full inspection of my flat in Montreal and it came up empty. I am certain I was bitten staying at this hote

l... Will not be staying there again.
Stressful situation when having these in your home is a possibility. I cleaned and used a steamer on my mattress, box spring, luggage and washed and dried all the sheets, pillow cases and blankets.

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I work for a business and had a customer staying at the Airways call us to complain that him and his family had been staying in room #161 of the hotel. He stated that his family woke up the next morning after sleeping all night to find the beds were infested with bed bugs and that they had been bitten.

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