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Miami Beach, FL

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There is more than one Bentley Hotel in South Beach. This is the one on 5th and Ocean. I was staying in room 317, a privately owned condo in the hotel. I had stayed there previously and not had a problem.
This time however, things were different. The first morning I woke up and saw the red streak on the sheet and thought "oh no". I travel a lot, so I have encountered bed bugs before. While I never saw any bed bugs with my own eyes, I did get some bites and because of the blood on the

sheet, I am pretty sure the room has bugs.
I told the management of the hotel. He initially acted surprised, but when he saw that I knew what I was talking about, he said that he would submit a report right away and he knocked off the cleaning fee for my stay ($145). I then emailed the owner to let him know. He was also surprised since this was the first complaint. But his attitude was rather blase. "Not sure what can be done to prevent them" or something to that effect. Since I am not sure action will be taken, I do not recommend staying there.

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