Wyndham-Bonnet Creek Resort
9560 Via Encinas
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

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We checked in to Tower 5 ninth floor in mid-May 2015. On Day Two, I found a blood-filled bed bug in the second bedroom. Upon closer check, I found more. Check the underside of the bed skirts - in the hems and pleats!

On August 10th to August 15th I Stayed at Wyndam Resort, Tower 5.. On the third day i woke up with what i thought was flea bites but then My Cousin,&Grandma got the bites too.It was a beautiful place to
Stay and the pools were awesome,&The rooms are also awesome,We Got a 2 bedroom 1 master 1 two beds bedroom a dining room a kitchen a livingroom and 2 bathrooms..Except for there BedBug Problem!! Your really need to fix that!! like Seriously.

We enjoyed a visit at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort in Tower 4 from February 17, 2013 through the 20th. I never saw any bugs, but I wasn't really looking. Got back home and within a week started seeing a rash on my oldest son. I looked for bed bugs at that point since it seemed something that was happening at night. Even took him to the doctor, who asked about bed bugs. I again looked for any signs of bed bugs. Three months later finally saw the signs I had been looking for along with ad

ult bed bugs. Now, at the beginning of the treatment process and $2300 later, I seem to be getting my bed bug problem under control.

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We arrived at BC at 12pm on Friday 1/18/13, and they checked us into tower 4. We unpacked and quickly laid everyone down for naps...I was laying on top of the bedspread and my husband was on the couch. At 5pm we woke up and showered and hurried off to eat. When we returned, it was late and we all went to bed. When we got into bed it was dark in the room...for fear of waking up my son in the crib. Woke up the next morning early and started rushing around to get ready. Put my son on the bed to pu

t on his clothes and a bug crawled out from under where I had set him. I immediately freaked and said to my husband...is that a bed bug? We pulled back the covers and they were EVERYWHERE. Big ones, little ones...it was like nothing I ever would have expected. Even worse, there were both old (dried) and new blood spots on the sheets...that is pretty scary to both of us because we wonder whose blood that is???? There was also bug feces all over the bed skirt and mattress. Had we checked, we wouldn't have missed it. Housekeeping SHOULD have caught it too (which leads me to believe they never did change the sheets in that bed from the last guest). The infestation of that bed was so bad that the bugs didn't even bother hiding because there really wasn't any place!!!

Anyway, we called the front desk and they told us just to throw our clothes in the dryer and someone would be up at some point. We waited for 30 minutes or so (trying to quarantine everyone), and then my husband called and asked for a manager ASAP. He arrived after 1 hour from the original call. He told us that we shouldn't be concerned because it was only in that one bedroom since we didn't see any anywhere else. And I mentioned to him that we had found dead ones on the kitchen floor while we were waiting and that my kids had carried blankets and other stuff between the two rooms. He claimed that wouldn't be a problem and that we could take anything that wasn't a food source for them like our electronics and that they'd take all of our clothes and wash/dry them for us. He said that everything else needed to stay in the room to be treated. Then they told us that the place would be heat treated the next day so we'd have to wait on everything else. Well they did heat treat, but only the one bedroom...not the kitchen and not the living area. Further more, they never moved our belongings into the bedroom where they treated stuff so some stuff never got treated and sat there for 24 hours in an infested room. Upon talking to a person who has experience treating bed bugs when I arrived home, I found out that they gave us serious misinformation and did not treat the room as they should have. Given what we told them...the WHOLE condo should have been treated. Aside from our luggage, they left everything out in the main room and never treated it. So, we traveled home with belongings that were never treated...because they said since they weren't by food sources we shouldn't worry. Wrong...too bad I didn't know all this then. I've tried quarantining stuff in our garage, but now I freaked that we'll have them in our home. I did find eggs on the outside of my purse, which never came in the house, but it rode in the van all the way home. So every morning and evening we check out beds and I even wake up in the middle of the night to check my bed. It really is mentally damaging when something like this happens to you.

Oh and the manager told us we would see bites in about 2 days...we didn't see any bites and we were hopeful that we didn't have many or didn't react. Wrong again...on the way home (9 days later) we developed large welts all over. My husband's were mostly on his back and stomach. Mine were on my stomach, back, face, neck, hands and legs. They are so itchy it is unbearable. The welts turned into a bunch of tiny bites in clusters. I stopped counting at 100...and that's just on me. It has now been two weeks and I'm still itching and I have scabs everywhere.

Anyway, I KNOW this can happen anywhere, and I still think BC is a nice place to stay. However, it is unforgiveable that we slept in a dirty bed that obviously had never had the sheets changed. Furthermore, the misinformation that they gave us isn't right either. They've dealt with this many times, I'm sure, and they should give the right information.

Learn from my mistake...check and double check everything. You CAN see bed bugs...even the little ones. Don't take anything in the room until you do. Had I done a simple check, I would have saved myself a whole lot of stress and trouble.

I post this here because if you stay and BC and encounter this issue, please make sure they treat EVERYTHING so that you don't take it home. Because of this...I'm not sure we'll be taking any vacations for a LONG while...I'm way too paranoid.

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Stayed in Tower #2 Presidential suite 01/18/13-01/23/13. Rooms were excellent! Very clean and bedbug free!The nicest place I've stayed in to date.

We were in.tower 5 from 12/21 to 12/28. The day after Christmas a loud generator was parked under our balcony all day. I finally Googled the name of the company on the side of the trucks to see what they were doing. Lo and behold, they were bed bug removers. We were on floor 2 and they were in a room directly above us on one of the top floors. We watched them bring out all of the linens and their huge heaters and fans. All of the same equipment they show on their website. Two days later they

were back and taking their equipment into a different room in tower 5.

The company they use is Micah Services. If you see their trucks know there is. Bed bug problem near by!

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Oct 2010 woke up with bites and found dead bug and black flecks in the bed next to my children. Manager came to check it out, pulled off mattress and found huge bed bug, alive and full of blood! Moved us to another room, although I couldn't sleep at all, so sleeved out. Gave us a complimentary stay and washed all of our belongings, thank goodness all of our bags were on the dining room table and we hadn't unpacked. We only stayed again because they promised us a room that had been screened by be

d bug dogs etc.
Apparently when you are bitten by bed bugs for the first time it can take up to 10 days for the bites to appear. This is what happened to me, 30-40 bites on my back and torso appeared after we arrived back home, we were worried we had brought them home with us even though we had take all the precautions and washed all of our duffel bags, vacuumed the car etc. We did not bring them home, the bites just took time to appear.

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Thanksgiving 2009 meet my sister with her kids and my infant. We shared a 3 room with kitchen. I have them in all my things 500 dollars later they are still not gone and I am exhausted and mentally sick over this. CDC and my lawyer will be informed. I did find one in the kitchen there and i thought it was a beetle or roach. Its disgusting!!!