Regal Sun Resort
1850 Hotel Plaza Blvd
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

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My sister and I went to the Regal Sun last year in September 2010. We had a room that was infested with little bugs that crawled all over the furniture and on the walls. I will never go back to that hotel even though it has changed hands to the Wyndam.

My friend and I arrived for check-in Wednesday, December 2, 2009 and were registered and assigned to room 560 (corner room, east building facing parking lot, top floor). The room was a standard room with two queen beds. We checked in after 6:00pm and went to our room. When we arrived there was standing water in the bathtub and a live cockroach in the tub. My friend killed the roach, drained the tub and we didn't think anything more of it.

The following morning we awoke around 6:00-6:30a

m as we were preparing to go to Disney for a special audience taping of their Christmas parade. When we awoke we discovered that in both beds there were bed bugs. I immediately contacted the front desk and requested a manager. Shortly thereafter the manger who was on call as well as the head of Housekeeping arrived to inspect the room. I showed them where I had killed at least 10 bugs of various sizes in each bed, had found moltings on one bed under the pillow and showed them small live bugs still crawling around. The head of housekeeping stated she "didn't know what those were" however it was clear they were bed bugs. The sheets had fresh blood from where we had been bitten overnight as well as older stains (and when pest control came out he confirmed it was bed bugs). I requested that we be removed from the room, our items laundered immediately and housekeeping informed us that pest control would come out immediately. Since we were on a tight schedule housekeeping informed us they already had a new room available and offered to take our food items down to the new room.

Our items were later moved to a new room but not before being sprayed to prevent transmittal. Our clothing which had been worn that night, blankets and pillows which we had brought had been laundered as well (according to the hotel, per high heat recommendations). We were also not charged for that evening's stay (we were booked for 4 nights - checked out Sunday, December 6th). The hotel also provided us with some printed literature on bed bugs from a local medical establishment (which we took with a grain of salt - I work for a medical group and know how to procure medical information). I also made sure to launder all of my belongings, again, in high heat before bringing them into my home, just in case (including the luggage).

I had not noticed an immediate reaction to the bites I sustained but within 48 hours I became aware of the red welts and was still covered in bites over arms, hands, neck, and legs. There were 20-30 bites on each arm alone which were itchy, uncomfortable and unsightly. I was hoping that one week after the initial incident I would see some relief from the bites but was still scratching. Inevitably I saw my allergist who informed me I had a lovely allergy to bedbugs and I was placed on steroids, anti-inflammatories, anti-biotics and 5 months after the initial bites can still see the bite marks on my skin although they have faded tremendously. If I could upload pictures I would. For at least six weeks I was miserable - my arms had to be covered in lotions, potions and creams to keep my from itching and swelling for weeks. I had to wear long sleeves for a month which luckily coincided with winter.

I wrote to the president of the hotel and explained our situation. They offered us another stay, gratis. I believe this is a quality establishment but with the quantity of bedbugs that were in that room it seems it had not been sprayed in some time.

After reviewing recent inspections by the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulations I noted no reports of infestations or anything that would indicate a problem with bedbugs so I hope this was an isolated incident. This is such a large resort, and on Disney property, I would hope it would have higher standards. It appears that based on these inspections the staff makes a thorough attempt at maintaining what I’m sure can be a difficult property given its relationship to Disney.

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