Doubletree Guest Suites in the Walt Disney World Resort
2305 Hotel Plaza Blvd
Lake Buena Vista, FL

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We were in Disney the last week of Aug. 2012. We arrived late. The room was dirty, behind the beds
in the closets, mattress were stained where there
were bed bugs, white conforter had blood stains on
them... went to front desk to report the rooms, and we checked out 3 other rooms all the same..
When we had to take a room because the kids had
already fallen a sleep in one of them (we had two rooms). we had to stay in one of them.. I slept
with my clothes on after we were in bed for about

a hour there were bugs in the bed .. I took a
shower and my husband and Isat in the lobby for
about a hour till breakfast was served... Then we
walked down to Holiday Inn where we checked the
rooms frist. We left Doubletree,with them trying tosay it was from the choclate chip cookie not blood from where the bugs had been on someone..
WOW. Will always check beds before staying somewhere again...

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I stayed at this hotel the first week in June for a couple of nights. I noticed I had some bug bites on one of my hands. When I mentioned it to one of my co-workers, I was told it looked like bedbug bites. Another co-worker then told me he found a bedbug in his room at this hotel, killed it and took it down to the front desk. I reported it to Hilton and did not hear back for weeks, and probably would not hear back had I not complained again. I was told they checked my room, and would send m

e proof that they checked it, but have not seen anything yet. With their apparent lack of following up on complaints, I would have to say, I will never stay at this hotel again.

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Stayed here again on the first weekend in December. The first room we were assigned had a tiny little bug crawling in the drawer. (We never use the drawers, but I always check them along with the furniture in the room.) It was too small to tell if it was a bedbug or not so we asked for another room. They graciously moved us. The second room was clean; no bugs. I still sprayed bedbug spray just in case.
We really like this place; just be deligent in searching the room before you bring in

your luggage as our room in September did have a dead bedbug in it.

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I always bring my own sheets and towels, however, I sometimes use the hotel bathmat. When I unrolled the bathmat to spread on the floor, there was a dead bedbug stuck in it. Before we brought in the luggage I checked the beds very, very carefully and didn't find any more bedbugs. What is scary is that if the bug was stuck inside a clean folded bathmat, then it came from the laundry. Which could mean that others could have been carried in the other linens to the laundry.
Which could also mea

n that some could have moved to other clean linens nearby before they were put in the washer.
There were also live silverfish in the room. I had to kill two of them as soon we walked in the door.
This was on September 29th 2011.
It's really a shame since the rooms are so big and the beds are comfortable and most of the staff was so nice and helpful.
The only response I got when I asked about the silverfish was, "Do you want me to send someone up there to kill them?" I had already done that.
We drove straight from home. We did not fly. I found this stuff before we brought in our suitcases. And, I know exactly what bedbugs look like. Once you've seen one, you will know. They are very distinct in appearance.

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