Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort Hotel
2000 Hotel Plaza Blvd
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-8440

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Recently stayed here for one night. The following morning I noticed a few red raised areas on my legs, not thinking twice about it, we left for home. Upon my arrival home, my husband stated that the entire back of my legs and back were covered in red bumps. The following day, I had our infection control practitioner at the hospital I work at look at them for me and she confirmed that they were consistent with bed bug bites. These are not mosquito bites based on their location and appearance.

Was getting ready for the day and was straightening up the bed when I saw a dark object on the pillow, moving very rapidly. I picked up the pillow and saw it was a bed bug. My wife called the front desk while I took pictures of it. The front desk supervisor came up and saw the bug. She was nice but took the pillow case off the pillow and snapped the case in the air. The bug flew somewhere, hopefully not in our open luggage. We had already moved rooms for another reason so this was the last stra

w, we moved out. 3-15-14 0830.

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Checked into room 1512 on 1/17/14. Awake in bed at night reading my iPad with my wife and child in next bed. Saw a bed bug crawling towards me on the sheets. I was not smart enough to hold onto it to show management. I just called the front desk immediately (about midnight) and told them I had an emergency and that I needed the manager to come to my room. He did not come right up. I woke my wife and daughter and checked there bed and found two immature bed bugs. One of which had just fed

on either my wife or daughter, not sure, as it had a blood filled abdomen. Finally the manager showed up after calling two more times. We were moved to another room and were told the next day they found no evidence of the bugs on inspection by the exterminator. We were also told that since they had found no evidence of the bugs that they were going to rent the room out that same night. Well, several days later (1/23/14), my mother who was staying with us but in a different room, ran into the people who rented that same room the next night in the elevator. They had started making conversation and found out that it was the same room and that bed bugs had bitten her on the face. The bites were very evident as they were on the woman's face. Now we are terrified about bringing them home in our clothes, shoes, books, luggage, etc.

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6/6/13- Son and I were at this hotel. Should have looked at this information and people's complaints first. Yes, I did find a bed bug. I did complain to the front desk. Obviously they were not shocked about this. I left out so that they could reclean and spray my room. Supposedly they did. I hate that I had already prepaid for the rooms. We were not happy at this place. It was super cold and you couldnt adjust the air/heat at all. If you wanted it to get warm, you would have to cut the air

completely off and yet it was still a draft. I felt so uncomfortable, felt like bugs were just all over the place. I will never go back to this place and more than likely any other Best Westerns

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I stayed at the best western , 2000 Hotel Plaza dr. Lake Buena Vista Florida on Friday 5/17/2013) I was a little concerned over the room because you could see dust on the phone, and other pieces of furniture, when I went to use the bathroom it to didn't appear to have been cleaned properly. The toilet bowl had a ring all around the inside, and I had to wash the toilet seat. Of course the beds looked neat, but I was sadly mistaken. I woke up to take a shower and noticed a few red itchy bumps on m

y arms and neck as I continued showering, I found more red itchy bumps on my legs. When I got to the airport The red bumps were driving me nuts. It was then when I realized that these bites had to be from bed bugs. I did NOT have the bites until I SLEPT at the Best Western. when I got home I immediately called the hotel mgr, I told him about the cleanliness of the room, and about the bites I had when I woke up . I explained that I felt the bites were from bedbugs as I researched the bites I had online. I advised him to check the bed out and the cleanliness of the room before they put another guest in there. His response was he'll look intk itm but that there was nothing he coukd do for me, Well that wasn't my reason for calling. I felt the room needed to be looked into before they book there next guest. I will say one thing GOD forbid A bedbug came home with me, I will definitely contact an attorney. I will NOT tolerate my home being infested due to the Best Western's lack of concern on the cleanliness of their rooms.

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Our family stayed at the Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort Hotel Room 1717 on March 2, 2013. My daughter and I were gobbled up by bedbugs. Upon first entering the room, I did inspected for bedbug evidence and didn't see any. After awaking we noticed bite marks and at first assumed it was from mosquitoes or other Florida insects. That was until my daughter got my attention and showed me a bug she brushed of her leg. It was a young bed bug. I captured said bedbug in a ziplock baggie and took it

straight to the manager.

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I stayed at the Lake Buena Vista Best Western in Orlando, Florida recently. The specific dates I stayed was Sept 29th through Oct 3rd. My sisters and I were visiting Disney World to run in their Half Marathon. We stayed in room 907. I slept in the bed closest to the door and my luggage sat on the love seat. The day I came back home from Orlando I noticed 2 red, raised itchy spots on my L wrist. I didn't think much about it until over several days I continued to accumulate these itchy red s

pots on my extremities. It has been 8 days since I stayed at the Best Western and I have approx 10 bites on me. I had an exterminator inspect my home today he sprayed insecticide around my entire home for bed bugs. I have to bring all of my bedding to a laundromat or dry cleaners. I Bbought bed bug protector covers for my mattresses and box springs. A few other costly measures have been taken including my luggage away that was in the room. I attempted to notify the manager today and received his voice mail. Thus I left a message with the manager explaining my bed bug problem.

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