Royale Parc Suites
5876 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy
Kissimmee, FL 34746-4718

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On my recent Disney World trip, my family and I decided to stay at this hotel because of the price and location. My family stayed for 5 nights a couple weeks ago! We loved it! . We decided to leave a post here because we did not find any bed bugs which was a huge relief. The staff was wonderful, especially Teddy and Angel at the front desk and Jess at the outside bar. It took less than 10 minutes to get to each Disney park. We got more than we expected here for our money and couldn’t be h

appier. We would definitely recommend this place to anyone and we are planning our trip back next year and to see the improvements to the property they told us about.

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My friends and I were there for a bachelorette party weekend. It was the last weekend in August. We stayed in a 2 bdrm suite. I don't remember the room number exactly, I wanna say it was 106 or 126... it was on the first floor behind the pool bathrooms. My friend woke up at about 230 in the morning because she felt like she was being bitten by something. She turned on the light and they were everywhere. On the wall, in the crease of the sheets. She ran around and woke everyone up to check their

beds. She had alot in her bed, my friend who was sleeping in the other bed in her room had a few. The beds in the room I was sleeping in were clean. We went to the front desk and they offered us clean sheets and 25% off the bill for that nite. That was clearly not enough. We wanted a new room. He sent security back to our room with us to "verify" the bugs. There was fresh blood on the sheets. So, we ended up moving all of our things to another room at 300 in the morning. They offered no assistance. They comped the room for the first night. But by the time we all went home on Sunday, the bites on my friends arms now looked like a big rash. I'd never seen anything like it. She sent an email to the general manager about what had happened when she got home. They have since comped the second nite in the hotel. I was to make sure people understand, this is not a cheap motel. This hotel was beautiful and our stay was spectacular other than the bugs. Beautiful rooms.I wish i could remember the security officers name, he was a very nice young man. He went above and beyond his job that night.

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