Red Roof Inns
4970 Kyngs Heath Rd
Kissimmee, FL 34746-5513

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we stayed there for a week. cut short 2 nights found 2 inch roach and would not make room up. woke up to a wolf spider=when confornted denise about refund
this manenger was very rude we had to threaten with lawyer to get refund avoid this hotel at all cost
oh and i had little bites on me form bed bugs.

denise said there would not be any way we would get a refund cause we paid cash the sell paper did not state this which was why we had to threaten with lawyer to get refund.

i hope that y

our nasty bug infested hotel get shut down. year 2013

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Oh my goodness, I never thought we would encounter bed bugs on our Florida Trip, had I known about this site before our trip to Disney, I would have chosen another establishment.

We stayed at the Red Roof in Kissimmee Florida because it is close to Disney World, had decent reviews on the hotel resale site we always use, and we could even bring our cat.

We stayed for one week, the last week in July, and were only in our room to shower and sleep (spent the days in the theme parks in Orlando)


My daughter had alot of red bite on her legs after a few days and I thought they must just be mosquito bites, but then the next couple of days everyone else ended up with hundreds of bites. I stripped the beds and the mattresses were crawling with tiny bugs and stained black. My wife was totally freaked out. We reported the issue to the front desk and they moved us to another room. Unfortunately, it was too late, we were all bitten up, itching and it ruined our vacation.

The worst part is when we tried to talk to the Manager the next morning, he was not available. Any time we called, he was not available. I left multiple voice mail messages after we left this property and none were ever returned.

I found out about this site from a friend who had a problem in another city/hotel, we will always check it before we stay in any hotel or rental property in the future.

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Stayed 4 nights and the last night I got about 100 bites. This hotel is infested I stayed in room 129. I took a sleeping pill and was out but when i woke up i removed the sheets and they were everywhere. I threw away my suitcase and computer bag, washed all clothes, hopefully I didn't transport any to the next hotel.

We stayed at this hotel March 10th to March 14th, 2012. I found bed bugs the last night in the sheets and caught them in my drinking glass. The desk clerk said he'd reverse our charges. We'll find out when we get our credit card bill.

I have bites on my legs from staying here. I'll certainly use this site from now on before staying at any hotel. Thank you.

This property has been offered pest services to include bed bug detection which have been refused. Be warned

We stayed at this hotel on May 16, 2011 for one night. In the morning we checked out and left for Disney Parks. Few hours later my wife start scratching - she had at least 20 bites all over her legs. I start checking online and can positively say that was bed bugs bites. I hope they didn't get into my luggage or clothes. Do yourself a favor and find a different hotel.
I'm sorry I found this website too late. It already has 2 reports for this property. Although one says Red Roof Inn Kissimmee an

d one says Red Roof Inns. I think they should be combined.

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I stayed at this hotel on October 17 - 21, 2010 and found bugs in the sheets. The hotel denied it was bed bugs. I put the bugs in a zip lock bag and brought it home. On October 22, I brought it to the Environmental Health Department in my town (Georgia) and they confirmed that the bugs were BED BUGS. The hotel did not want to deal with the problem or even admit they had the bugs. Please do not stay there.