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After getting bites all week we finally seen a bedbug,called management they did not care, housekeeping management said it was, resort management said report said it was negative even do we have one in a baggy this was at west village

My Husband and I have owned a 1-week TimeShare at Orange Lake Resort and Country Club since the early 1980's. First an Apartment, then a Villa, and lastly a Handicapped Penthouse Apartment. in October, 2012, We went to Orange Lake for Our Annual Vacation. Upon arrival (in Our Newly-Purchased Handicapped Unit), We were greeted, the very first night by Thousands of BedBugs. I, Especially, was bitten quite badly, and had to go to the ER, Twice. Upon calling Management to make a report, a Super

visor was sent to Inspect Our Room. His Lack of Concern was Quite Appalling! He/They Could Care Less! My Husband has since passed away, and I have Sold Our Condo. What used to be a Happy Adventure had turned into a Horrible Nightmare! I Am So Very Seriously Disappointed in Orange Lake and Their "I Really Don't Care Attitude! I Will NEVER Return there again. BTW: As "Compensation," Management offered Us "a dinner, within the Complex," which We both declined! And, Every Single Year, Their Sales Pitches NEVER STOP - Even If You are an Owner. There is Always Something NEW to Sell! I would suggest to Avoid Orange Lake! YOU Don't Matter to Them! Only the $Money Does!!!

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Checked in the resort on August 31, 2012, woke up the next morning, September 1, with numerous bites on my neck, ears, face, back, arms, stomach and thigh. I thought they were mosquito bites. Miserable all day iching and concerned about the large visible bites. Purchsed benadryl, zyrtec, after bite and hydrocortisone. The morning of September 2, woke up to some additional bites and felt the need to report the incident and see a doctor. Went to urgent care facility and doctor confirmed the bi

tes were from bed bugs. I was move to another unit and management had to clean and treat my clothes and luggage. Could not sleep in the new unit afraid of another bed bug attack. I don't think I will ever be comfortable in another hotel or resort room again.

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We stayed in east 4046 lake ken way from Aug 2nd to Aug 9th 2012. The master bedroom where my husband an I slept had bed bugs on my side of the bed. The way I sleep with my arm stretched out was a feast for the bed bugs. I have 4 lines of bites on my arm and I read that they leave straight patterns of bugs. I am the only one that was bitten thought they were mosquito bites until my arm swelled and that never happened before. Lyell does not get rid of bed bugs. Do an inspection to your room befor

e you bring your things in the condo

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June 19, 2012 - I kept feeling something biting me during the night. In the morning I noticed tiny blood stains on my sheets & pillows. I called resort services and they sent someone to inspect the unit and indeed we did have bed bugs. They switched us to another unit and treated all of our cloths and luggage. I have not found any indications that the room we were switched to has bed bugs. Hopefully we will not take them home with us!

The resort manager was very nice and took care of us him


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May 18-21, 2012
We had a three bedroom suite and the bedroom which the children were sleeping in had bed bugs. We checked in on the kids around 2 AM and bed bugs were everywhere. The bed bugs were crawling all over the children's faces and the pillows. The management was rude about the situation and the hotel chain group could care less. We were moved to another room but the experience ruined our vacation and the children were afraid to go to sleep for the remaining days of the vacation.

February 2011
Upon inspecting our unit in the Tennis Villas we found dead bed bugs in the drawers. They did move us for 3 hours (we had left our things just inside the door) you really have to check everything with a flashlight and magnifing glass.

We stayed in the East Village 12/18/11 thru 12/24/11 in villa 86816. We thoroughly checked the unit taking off all the bed sheets, inspecting the mattresses & box springs, the bed frames, the night stands, the baseboards, the couches and chairs, etc. We check everything. We didn't find any signs of bedbugs at all. I even woke up in the middle of the night to check everyone while sleeping since that is their favorite time to feed. Still nothing.

Our kids think we are nuts but once you hav

e dealt with bedbugs you will never feel completely relaxed staying in hotels again.

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Stayed in Villa 3074 on November 10 and 11th. We inspected the mattresses and bedframes upon our arrival and didn't notice anything. On the morning of the twelfth, there was bedbug residue and a dead bedbug which had been rolled over on. We notified management and they sent out an inspector. He said that he could only find the one dead bug in the bed. Management offered to move us to another room, but not refund our money. We left immediately! Hopefully took the necessary precautions to NO

T bring any home with us. :(

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Stayed in a room in the clubhouse from the 10 to 24 of June. No problems in the hotel, but 10 days after we started being bitten at home. Bed bugs confirmed.

Stayed with family in villa 4026 first week in May, 2011. Checked room prior to unloading our luggage- no concerns. A week after being home from vacation our youngest son started getting bites all over him. Within a week he has 20. Doctor confirmed bedbugs.

Week starting Jan. 7, 2011. I was bitten every night. sometimes 3 bites in a row, between fingers, side of forehead, upper arms. After 4th night, I went to management, they had me fill out an incident report. They moved us to a different unit, they laundered all our clothes and luggage.
Went to dermotologist, and he confirmed-bed bugs.

Did not bring any home.

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