Calypso Cay
4951 Calypso Cay Way
Kissimmee, FL

Found 3 reports:

I am staying here for a convention and woke up this morning with 50-60 welts.
I was hesitant to stay here again as one of my colleagues was bitten last year.
The manger filled out a form and is having the room inspected by professionals and will launder my clothes.
I will never stay here again

Omg...where to start from me and my husband just stayed the weekend at this hotel room 516 from 10/24-10/26/2014. I first encounter two bedbugs crawling on the bed as I awoke the morning of 10/26 and notice the bite marks on my arms and immediately told my husband its time to go!!! I took several photos and videos of the bugs and I was biten over 25 times. Just one horrible situation and now seeking legal representation.

I can't believe this hotel is not on this list. They are invested. I stayed the week of 3/17/2014, we stayed in 2 different rooms. First room we didn't see bedbugs, but suspected based on the bites I was getting. They moved us to a different room. We killed 4 bugs and saw numerous other bugs in the bed, in the cracks on the ceiling and even in the bath tub.

They said they were calling to report it.