Cheeca Lodge and Spa
81801 Overseas Hwy
Islamorada, FL 33036

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My husband and I checked into the resort over Labor Day weekend. We had stayed in one room. Upon entering the room, we found our toilet was not working and noticed mold in the air ducts and white splotches on the couch. After we called the front desk for assistance, it took them almost 9 hours for them to come and take a look at our room. From there, all they did was put bleach in the vents and didn't do anything to accomodate us. The bleach was so bad, it made us both sick. The next morni

ng, I awoke with some bites on my legs and stomach and didn't think too much of it. My husband and I lounged around and went for a bike ride. When we returned, there was again mold in the airducts. I called the front desk and they again, followed the same pattern. Came with bleach to clean it out. The manager on duty stated he would get back to us-but never did. We went to bed and again, the next morning I awoke with even more bed bites. The itching was so unbearable all I could do was put ice on it, and that wasn't even cutting it to numb it. I then called the front desk and asked to speak to the property manager. I explained what was going on, and he immediately moved us rooms to 214 in the main lodge. That night I went to bed, and I swore I had something biting me. Again, I went to bed to awake in the middle of the night with 42 red marks all over me! I couldn't sleep and woke up my husband. It was close enough to dawn that we got cleaned up, went and had breakfast and started to pack our things. We decided to look under the bed and in between the box spring and matress to find a BED BUG. We promptly took it to the manager and asked to speak to the property manager. He took the bug from us while I was trying to take a picture and told me it was some kind of bug but would get back to me. He then immediately upgraded us to the presidential suite-and moved our belongings. Would you guess the minute we walked into the presidential suite-there was WATER all OVER THE KITCHEN!! The refridgerator stopped working and leaked all over. From there, we gave up. They didn't offer to refund us our money and said they would be in contact. They never were. The day we returned home, I went and saw my dermatologist. She confirmed what I feared. 42 bed bug bites, and all received on vacation due to the damage of my skin. I implore you, please do not stay at this resort. Cheeca is known as the 'luxury' resort of the Florida Keys. It's not. Save your money and go elsewhere that is clean and bug free.

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