Americas Best Inns Ft Lauderda
2935 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

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WARNING! Do not Book any room here! Very HORRIBLE experience!
On 6/19/14 I booked this hotel for 3 nights. It is room # B-212. At first glance, the room smell and look very old. Look at the photos posted and you can see how deteriorated this hotel is. I also remember seen dry blood spots and bugs walking on the walls but I really did not imagine the magnitude of the infestation in this room. On my first night, at about 2:00am, I had to RUN from this nasty hotel because we got bitten so many ti

mes and when we turn on the lights, the 2 beds, the bed headboards and the walls were infested with Bed Bugs! I had to take my grandson to the emergency clinic for shots because he is allergic to insect and bug bites costing me $145 dollars!.
The staff tried to cover up the problem saying that they are fleas but, I took photos and I showed them to my attorney and they are indeed Bed Bugs!.
The staff is also extremely rude and they all need to be fired!. The hotel refunded my payment.
The Pompano Beach Health Department needs to close this hotel at once!
I had to throw away all my clothes and buy new ones!. This hotel needs to be CLOSED!

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I checked in February, 5th 2013. The room looked rather bad. I immediately checked for bed bugs. As soon as I pulled the sheet back there was one crawling across the head of the mattress. I had booked online through and tried to cancel but was only refunded two of the three nights. DO NOT BOOK THIS HOTEL!!

we had been in the room for a couple of hours and once we turned the lights off and i tried to go to sleep I started itching all over. I turned over and turned the lights on and there were bed bugs crawling all over the bed and when we checked the corners of the mattress they were everywhere. I wentto the office the time was 4a.m. and the person from the office asked to see the bed and he said he apologized but all he could do for us was give us new bed sheets or the manager will be here around

9 or 10 am.. so we left and im now trying to get a refund..

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