Bahama Bay Resort and Spa
400 Gran Bahama Blvd
Davenport, FL 33897-8322

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Checked into our unit on July 29th 2015. Had checked the beds prior to bring in our luggage but guess not well enough. Getting ready to go to bed i noticed the fitted sheet not on well so i went to fix it. While doing so i noticed black specks on the bed skirt and then saw something move. Sure enough it was a bed bug. We captured it in a zip lock baggie to show the owners of the unit. Upon greater inspection around the base boards in the same area were several dead bed bugs and in one of the oth

er rooms as well. The bed bug had definitely been biting someone as it was pink in color( i have found out a lot of info i did not know after my first encounter with these bugs). Good thing i had packed some sturdy garbage bags as we used these to secure all of our luggage. Left food in the refrig, pillows in the room and threw out anything that could not be laundered.Which included 3 pieces of luggage that had been my late mothers :( and a duffle bag.Spent at least 1 1/2hrs at the clubhouse trying to make other arrangements as we had just arrived late that afternoon.Settled kids into new unit at approx. 1 am. Spent extra $ for 1 less day, a smaller unit that had filthy carpet. Spent several hours and several dollars washing all our items at a laundromat in HOT water. Lost the first day of our vacation due to stress and exhaustion. Not Fun . Will never go back. The resort did not contact me until 230 pm the next afternoon to see how i had taken care of my items. Just in case they needed to exterminate the unit they switched us to. Really by then we could have taken bed bugs with us. Good thing we were smart and contained the situation.

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On Nov 20th, 2012 myself and 2 friends checked into this resort, buildinig 21 condo 112, 20 minutes after going to bed i was covered with bites, this was the master bedroom. I saw bud bugs on the sheets. We had to move condos in the wee hours of the morning, had my suitcase taken by the bug guys. It was not a plesant experience, having my right eye almost swollen shut and many bites over my face and arms.

My family often stays at Bahama Bay Resort and Spa, and have never had this experience. Since our children had a long weekend, we came over Thursday night, October 11, 2012. My husband had to meet us here; he had inventory at work. I stayed up late to wait for him, sitting in the bed in the Master Suite, after midnight. When my husband arrived, I met him in the parking lot, and helped him bring in our last pieces of luggage. As we were getting ready for bed, I moved the blankets back further, an

d noticed what appeared to be a (very) small cockroach. My husband scooped it up and threw it into the toilet. I ripped the blankets off the bed but did not see any others. But when I flipped the pillows, there was another. I refused to sleep in the bed, but I thought they were roaches or ticks-- things not uncommon in the best of places in Florida. They could have hitched a ride in with housecleaning. Since each unit has its own washer and dryer, we washed the sheets and bedding in very hot water. Before remaking the bed, I checked the mattress and around the bed, but couldn't find any more bugs. Obviously I did not look close enough. This morning, Saturday, October 13, 2012, my daughter woke me up to help her for a moment. Still tired, I started to go back to bed, but noticed another bug on the top blanket! I grabbed a tissue and squished it, and that's when I freaked out; blood smeared the tissue! I went back to the bed and began removing the covers, and sure enough, I found several more, all filled with blood. Needless to say, we will be notifying the front desk as soon as the entire household is awake.

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