Sands Motel
1501 Ocean Hwy
Fenwick Island, DE 19944

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10/3/12- 11:30 PM. Found 1 red bite that itched very badly on my wrist after waking this morning. Thought perhaps a mosquito bite. Then, laying in bed, NOW, I found a live one crawling on me. I screamed & threw it in the toilet. Not sure what it was, I returned to bed. Guess what- there was another one. I got a plastic baggie & put it in it & crushed it. I looked on-line at photos & guess what? You guessed it- bed bugs! Freaking out-, I went to my car & got two black plastic trash bags & thoroug

hly checked the few bits of clothes i had put inthe drawers & put them in the trash bags & closed them tight. As I pulled the clothes out of the drawer, I found a dead 1 on my clothes. The rest of the clothes are still in my zippered plastic suitcases.
Being 11:30 at night I feel my choices are extremely limited given the fact I have a dog. First thing in the morning I am out of here & just let them try to charge me! This is unacceptable & I am so worried I may take them home that I am bagging everything, bathing my dog first thing & covering my body with very fragrant body oil. I read bedbugs do not like fragrant things as it clogs their air passages & kills them. Plus I sprayed the sides & bottom of the bed as well. As it is a spray oil, I'm hoping the smell & greasiness will keep them away as well as keeping all the lights on! I doubt it, but I'll try anything. I moved the beds away from the wall into the middle of the room
& removed the sheets into all ball & put them outside. Of course I'm not going to be able to sleep! I'm sick to my stomach right now! How can people knowingly look into a persons eyes & smile as they check in & let their 'guests' go to rooms when they know they have bed bugs? Bring back pesticides that kill these awful pests & make hotels & motels that are aware of a problem financially accountable if not treated! This is just horrible! The place has no running water from 1am to 3 am (they post a sign in your room after you've checked in that it is due to the well), is very run down, dirty & dingy. You cannot walk in your bare feet as they turn black. I could go on.
The whole place just needs to be torn down to the ground. Beware!

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Checked in night of August 31st for a pre-paid, 6 night family vacation we had looked forward to for months. Found 2 adult bed bugs on sheets while turning down comforters. We were exhausted after a 5 hour drive, with a toddler. Had never seen a bed bug before, ever, so I wasn't 100% sure. Chose to make the best of it and stayed.

Saturday morning woke with blood on both our sheets, one bedbug stuck to me, one in my wife's bed and one in our child's crib. We had all been bitten numerous times

. I lifted the mattress to find smaller insects crawling along the boxspring. We looked up "bed bugs" on line. Indeed this was what was in our beds, no mistake.

Gave front desk a baggy containing 1 live and 1 dead bug. They refunded that nights stay and sent us to another room at the far opposite end of the motel. They cleaned our clothing which might have been infected and were very professional. We inspected the new beds carefully and found no evidence of bugs.

However, the next morning while sitting on one of the 2 fold out sleeper sofas, I discovered another bed bug on my shoulder, and our toddler discovered one crawling up the side of the sofa. I took the live one in a baggy down to the front desk where I was disrespected and treated rudely when I informed the clerk we were leaving and asked for our money back. I was told myself and my family could simply leave, as the woman had no authority to do anything. I left to get my wife and child to drive home the point.

My wife called the hotel once we got home to make sure all money was refunded. We were told a manager/owner would call us back, Monday morning we got a call back. Eventually, all our money was refunded, but my wife was again treated rudely and hung up on, even though she was being very nice and respectful. We are traumatized by the whole event, and from having our summer vacation literally ruined. They also tried to make us feel somehow that it was all our fault.

We returned home to washing and drying everything, again, in hot water, throwing out anything not washable, and very disappointed.

We never experienced anything like this, ever, anywhere. We are not complainers or people who try to get away without paying for services rendered. in fact, we stayed here every summer for 8 years, and never had a problem.

The Sands has bed bugs. They have to own up to this and do something. We will never go back.

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